Values, vision, convictions

Why Lorenz and Hamilton ?
The mission and the values of our group are inspired and pay tribute to the work of two researchers : Edward LORENZ and William Donald HAMILTON.

William Donald HAMILTON

An English biologist specialized in behavioural science. In 1964, he developed the theory of parental selection on how the altruistic behaviours and instincts of individuals within a group can increase the durability and capacity of evolution / adaptation of this group.


An American research scientist at MIT, author of the famous theory of chaos and the butterfly effect: or how, in a given system, a tiny modification of a parameter can have a major impact on the whole.

We strive to translate the fundamentals of this work in our activities and our behaviours. We are determined to respect the principle of the interdependence between the infinitely small detail and the global goal to achieve.

Moreover, we believe that the quality of human relationships we establish with our partners (people and organizations) is the essential ingredient of any successful strategy.

As a consequence, the partners and the consulting team at Lorenz & Hamilton embody responsibility and attention to others in each of their activities, every day. This leads to the construction of strong and sustainable relational ecosystems, in a spirit of trust and cooperation.

Our core values

Responsibility :

Inescapable in our activity turned to the human.

Broad and innovative vision :

Curiosity and the desire to anticipate and explore unexpected fields.

Openness and attention to others :

Attitudes nourishing our passions and our mission.