Lorenz & Hamilton

Investing in People

Founded in 2008, Lorenz & Hamilton, a leading group specialized in human capital management. Sinergy and performance are the keywords of Lorenz & Hamilton strategy, based on an exclusive set of offers dedicated to human resources and leadership ranging from consulting services to state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Our development philosophy is focused on the consolidation and the creation of proprietary brands on the one hand. And the acquisition or the strategic partnership with leading companies, on the other.

A strong desire to offer our clients tailor-made, premium and disruptive solutions is our trademark. To best support our clients, our consulting team and our Partners are equipped with proprietary technological and value-generating tools enabling them to express their talent in a challenging and post-digital environment.

Lorenz & Hamilton brings together the expertise and assets of 150 highly experienced consultants and partners in the fields of leadership and human capital management.


Values, vision, convictions

Why Lorenz and Hamilton ?
The mission and the values of our group are inspired and pay tribute to the work of two researchers : Edward LORENZ and William Donald HAMILTON.



We consider ourselves a strategic and trusted partner to support the human and economic performance of our clients.

We are passionate about bringing the best solutions leading to tangible improvements for individuals and organizations, every day. Our ambition is to assure a constant level of innovation and anticipation in the solutions we provide to our clients. In order to achieve this, 3.8% of our turnover is invested yearly in Research and Development.

We intervene to cover the strategic and operational needs of companies and leaders: executive search and recruiting, programmes to support transitions and transformation, optimization and acceleration of HR practices thanks to disruptive technologies.




Our expertise: Pearl Executive Search, Dirigeants & Partners, Norgay & Red, X-PM... Specialized entities in the sectors of executive search and recruiting, outplacement and executive coaching, executive temporary management, expertise temporary management...


Artificial Intelligence is at the core of our subsidiary LITTLEBIGJOB. LittleBIGjob intervenes in the research and the development of high-end technological solutions for recruitment and HCM (Human Capital Management). We support our clients with:

Cerebra, CoriaHR...



Since 2008, we have supported companies, executives and senior managers for the success of their evolving strategies and HR challenges.

We partner with international companies, midcaps and fast-growing SMEs on large-scale programmes.

Our business approach based on long-term partnership and trust. This attitude has been rewarded by a customer loyalty rate superior to 94% over the last 10 years.


Are you passionate about human people, excellence and innovation ?
Come to make a contribution to the construction of meaningful and efficient ecosystems.

We are looking for unique profiles and expertise willing to join Lorenz & Hamilton’s companies and support its development. Our consulting teams are pleased to welcome responsible, bright and committed professionals to join a collaborative and dynamic working culture for the success of our clients projects.

Are you a seasoned professional ?

Are you passionate about mathematics, algorithms, data, technology, artificial intelligence ?



We will be glad to answer your questions and suggestions.
Lorenz & Hamilton is a group specializing in human capital management.

We support companies and leaders in the development and achievement of their growth and transformation strategies through three promising sectors :

Human resources consulting, data & artificial intelligence and digital & information systems.

Our 7 offices around the world enable us to cover three main geographical areas :
Europe, North America and South East Asia.